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This is my tumblr for all things Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and a ton of celebrities who I admire or just think are super gorgeous. Enjoy!

filthy little mudblood

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missqueenpeeta © imodair

I give you - the tributes of District 12!

It isn’t in my nature to go down without a fight, even when things seem insurmountable.

One big unicorn, strong and free, thought he was happy as he could be. Then three little kittens came around and turned his whole life upside down. They made him laugh, they made him cry. He never should have said goodbye. And now he knows he could never part from those three little kittens that changed his heart.

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melsmalone © ohmycheese

… and you might be alone, which you should never be.

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ronaldroars © raggedymans

Emma Watson at Cannes Film Festival 2013.

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My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am seventeen years old. My home is District 12. There is no District 12. I am the Mockingjay. I brought down the Capitol. President Snow hates me. He killed my sister. Now I will kill him. And then the Hunger Games will be over….

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